Let’s defeat sleep

Science has come quite a long way in the few years that I’ve been alive.  Vaccines, antibiotics, sequencing the human genome.  Major research to help cure AIDS and cancer.  (Should I capitalize Cancer?)  Prosthetic limbs, medicines, so much new and on the horizon.

But where is the research that will help us need less sleep?  I’m always finding there’s not enough time in the day to get all the things accomplished that I need to.  Day after day I find sleep terribly inconvenient.  All those quiet hours wasted.  Time I could be using to write.  Time to grade papers.  Time to read.  Time to do the taxes.  Time to organize.  Time to do many things.

I get that the human body needs sleep.  I’ve seen and read articles about sleep deprivation and what it does to the body.  But can’t science figure out how to chemically give the body the rest it needs?

How much more productive would society be as a whole when the need for sleep subsides?  How many more things get done?  How many more inventions are created?  How much progress results?

I’m drowsy.  I know caffeine helps that.  I know “5-hour energy” helps that.  There’s got to be something out there that permanently helps.

People always say, “I’ll sleep when I’m dead.”  I totally understand that.  But what if they would start saying, “I’ll sleep when I feel like I might want to have a dream about something,” or, “I’ll sleep at time permits and the urge arises.”  If I didn’t need sleep right now, maybe I’d have something cleverer to say.

I know dreaming is important for something or other.  I know sleep is necessary.  I just think it’s probably time to start looking into that.  Maybe I’ll start looking into it.  After all, I could use the money.   How filthy rich is the person who defeats sleep going to be?  Seriously.

And how nice would it be for the nocturnal animals to have more company at night?  Traveling on the highways would be less crowded during rush hour because many people wouldn’t work during the day.  They’d go to the beach and work at night since sleep would be optional.  Tourism would increase.  Why has no one thought of this?

Could we eliminate war?  Who wants to fight a war against an enemy that constantly attacks?  If we didn’t need rest, maybe we wouldn’t be so angry has a human race and peace talks might result.  And they could be at 2am when it wasn’t 110 degrees in the Arabian Desert.

I might be a genius.  Or just really tired.